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        Bryansk Refinery is the leader of the Fuel and Energy Complex in Bryansk region.  Today we successfully operates and hold our leading position only because of all the hard work and efforts our workers put into development and constant improvement of the Refinery throughout the past years. During its past history Bryansk Refinery witnessed a lot of changes made and a lot of traditions built, welcomed outstanding professionals whose work made our Refinery recognized.

It is decided to build a gasoline plant in Bryansk
Region. Moscow Design Institute chosen to develop a project for a refinery with capacity to process 438 million m of oil-associated gas per annum.  

Initial ground works and most of the construction works were done. However, due to the lack of equipment needed to finish construction works Bryansk Economic Council decided on temporary shutdown of the construction works.

By that year development of Gas Industry in
Bryansk  Region was quite considerable. A number of major gas-condensate pools were discovered including  Desna and Volga basins, etc.  On December 31st , 1980 Operational Commencement Act for primary developments of  gasoline plant in  Bryansk  Region was signed.   

The Refinery started processing of gas-condensate recovered in
Bryansk Region into petrol A-66 and diesel fuel and introduced a unit for co-processing of gas and gas-condensate (SPGK) with gas-fractionation unit (GFU).

In August two more processing units were introduced: Rerun Unit -22/4 and Catalytic Reforming Unit L-35/12-300"А”. Launch of such units as TankFarm, Pumping facility and pipeline network for refined oil products and LPG, loading/discharge rack and chemical storage. Wastewater and sewage treatment unit that covered both the refinery and the settlement needs.

The second Catalytic Reforming Unit L-35/12-300"А” was launched.

Toluene Demethylation Unit was launched.

This Group united three refinery plants:
Renovation works at SPGK unit were completed, Furnace unit P-1 was launched - these solutions allowed to increase the Refinery’s performance capacity up to 5 mln. tonnes per annum. Renovation of railway park allowed to extend non-public railway track up to 13,5 km.

Construction works at loading/discharge rack were started.  
Bryansk NPZ celebrated its 50th year in operation by reequipping Units 22/4 and SPGK Unit, launched Recycling Water Supply Unit and
Pipeline Acceptance Station.
Loading Rack unit with  various utility units were launched, TankFarm was reequipped, construction works at Units PM-3 and UGG-110/6 were initiated.  

Bryansk NPZ continues to develop and update its production equipment and increase its production capacity.
Construction of intrafactory Electric Power Substation Vnutrizavodskaya PS for 110kV is now completed.

We continue construction works on Unit PM-3 and launched development of Electric Power Substation
Bryansk NPZ PS for 220 kV.

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